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The Coptic Orthodox Church Media Center has released its latest project, sponsored by Pope Tawāḍrūs II of Alexandria. The project aims to photograph with 360-degree technology the landmarks of Egyptian historic churches in order to provide interactive tours of the ancient churches and monasteries.
Today, the district of East Mansūra issued a permit to build a Coptic Orthodox Church in the name of Saint John the Apostle in al-Darāsa neighborhood in Mansūra. This came after fulfilling the permit’s conditions and approval of Amīn Mukhtār, governor of Daqahilīya.  
The Egyptian state is a unique example of co-existence between religions and national unity.  It has strived to ingrain and promote tolerance, peace, and equality regardless of religion or creed.  In light of these efforts, the media center for the Egyptian Cabinet has published a report that...
The churches of Northern Shubrā are presenting a series entitled “A Historical Documentary of the Churches of Northern Shubrā” prepared by one of the deacons at St. George [Mār Jirjis] Church.  It documents the history of every church from their founding to their service. 
Pope Tawāḍrūs II stressed that establishing a diocese for American and Canadian youth could impact and influence the Coptic Orthodox Church’s service to young people.  The idea stems from a youth diocese that Pope Shinūda III established around 40 years ago.
Isḥaq Ibrāhīm, a researcher within the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, said that recent events in al-Buḥayrah are yet another example of the recurring story of church closures creating sectarian tension. In the absence of a license to build a church, the people of the village of Kūm al-...
Reverend Dr. George Shākir, vice president of the Evangelical Community in Egypt, and Reverend Isḥaq Marzūq, president of the Synod of Baptist Churches, opened a church and seminary in al-Shurūq city. 
The Egyptian Cabinet's committee charged with looking into the status of unlicensed churches to grant them legality has approved on 2 April 2020 the legalization of a new batch of houses of worship.
Since President ʿAbd al-Fattāḥ al-Sīsī took office in Egypt, he has taken care to achieve the principle of citizenship and defeat any effort to divide citizens not through scripted phrases but through serious work and emphasizing the unity of the Egyptian people.  
Archeologist Dr. ʿAbd al-Raḥīm Rayḥān, general director of Research, Archaeological Studies, and Scientific Publishing for the archeological sites in southern Sinai, confirmed that pilgrimage to the sacred Ṭūwā Valley in Sinai began when St. Helena, mother of Emperor Constantine, went on pilgrimage...


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