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Last week, the committee for following-up the restoration works of the antique churches continued their meetings at the location of the Supreme Council for Antiquities in the Bahri area. The names of those on the committee are given and an overview of the current work being done on Red Sea...
The Arab Strategic Report issued last week by the Al-Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies argues that religion has little to do with the problems faced by Copts. Weak democratic institutions and human rights violations are the main reasons behind the problems faced by all Egyptians, be...
The article gives an overview of all permits which were given in 1998 concerning the building and restoration of churches. 25 new building permits were given and in Assiut and el-Minia 52 permits were given to restore existing churches.
Major General Ahmed Bakr, Suhag’s governor, approved the restoration of 17 churches in towns and villages of Suhag.
Dr. Muhammad Hamdi Zakzouk, Egyptian Minister of Endowments, said that the vicious campaigns against Egypt which claim that there is persecution against Copts are campaigns made by suspicious foreign bodies that are obvious in their motives.
The Governor of Menufiya, Adly Hussein, has issued a number of decisions to restore and subsidize the churches in the governorate. The churches include the Church of Mari Gerguis in a Christian village in the district of Quesna and the Church of the Virgin Mary in Kafr Abdu district of Quesna.
A statement has been issued by Mohamad Al-Tahawy, Governor of Assiut, that there have been decisions issued in keeping with the President’s order for the restoration of 12 churches in the governorate.
During the revolution in Egypt against the French in March 1802, one of the Turkish leaders ordered the people to kill the Christians. Al-Gohari went to the governor at that time and complained to him about the way they were treated and how the people destroyed an ancient church in Sagha. The...


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