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In an exclusive interview, Pope Shenouda III speaks frankly to Al-Ahram Weekly about the national role of the Church, the new draft Personal Status law, and other controversial issues.
One of the most successful businessman in Egypt [a Copt] is interviewed, specifically about his viewpoint on the Religious Minorities Law legislated by the U.S. Congress. "Those who accuse us of collaboration with the U.S. are ignorant and jealous."
Claims made in a recent issue of the French magazine Le Figaro about the situation regarding Copts [Coptic Christians] in Egypt are discussed.
The article outlines some of the events that happened when an Egyptian delegation to the United States met with an American delegation there to discuss some of the claims made by Coptic groups there concerning persecution of Copts in Egypt.
Dr. Sa’ad Al-Din Ibrahim of the Ibn Khaldoun Center accuses Egyptian authorities of carelessness and considers himself the only one who cares, in the opinion of Rose El-Youssef. Gamal As’ad says: Egypt is not in need for these suspected syllabuses. This article contain excerpts from the many...
William Waseely and his brothers have been cultivating the land from the yield of which they earn their family income. William’s trouble started in 1992 when neighboring farmers suddenly began to cause him trouble and asked a form of protection money.
Responding to the complaint [of alleged religious discrimination] published on February 14 [1999] of Ayman Mahrous Morqos who is a graduate of Ain-Shams University, the university’s president writes back. "... We are not discussing here an issue of religious discrimination, but misunderstanding and...
The article deals with what went wrong in reporting about the issue of el-Koshh. Many Egyptians, and definitely the Egyptian authorities, would like nothing more then to forget the issue of el-Koshh but will it be forgotten?
Today the Southern Cairo Court will issue its sentence against "The Sunday Telegraph".
The Grand Imam of the Azhar is a respectable scholar and a shrewd jurist who opens his heart to different opinions. He welcomes a dialogue with anyone on condition that he sticks to the rules of dialogue.


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