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Eng. Ibrāhīm Mahlab visited the Misr al- Qadīmah Hanging Church during his visit to the Religious Unity Area.
Bishop Yunas, Bishop of General and Social Services in the Coptic Orthodox Church stated that the Azhar and the Church are bond together in a strong relationship based on love.
The grand imam of the Azhar, Dr Shaykh Ahmad al- Tayyīb, received on Thursday Pope Tawadros and the accompanying delegation.
‘Iffat  al-‘Iryān, the husband of ‘Imān Marcos, known as the woman of Jabal al- Tayr that the leaders of the church sent his wife to an unknown place until things calm down in the village.
‘Imān Marcus Sarophim, who is known as the “lady of the Jabal al- Tayr village” whose absence from home and her alleged abduction has led to acts of violence, has returned to her house.
The Coalition of Egypt’s Copts has called upon Egyptians in the United States to support president al-Sīsī in his visit to New York by demonstrating in front of the UN headquarters to announce support for him. 
Following what was written about the assassination of Bishop Epiphanius, the abbot of the St. Makarius Monastery on one hand, and what is happening in the corridors of that monastery on the other, some important remarks can be made, although there are to now no official information disclosed: 
France 24” a French news website shed light today on a decision made by President ʿAbd al-Fattāḥ al-Sīsī to found a committee to handle the sectarian disputes. The French website quoted the official gazette of Egypt as saying the presidential decree came after a recent series of terrorist attacks...
Attorney Ṭāriq Maḥmūd filed a lawsuit against the Salafi leader Yāsir Burhāmῑ accusing him of igniting sectarian strife by issuing a fatwa [fatwā] over his Facebook account that prohibits the congratulation of Copts to their Christmas holiday.


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