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The controversial document of religious rights has disappeared from the Azhar sheikhdom, raising many questions over the grand imām’s relations to it. Al-Maydān publishes a picture of Dr. Tantāwī and Shaykh cAmr al-Bastawīsī, the former head of the office of the grand imām, shaking hands...
Christians in Egypt have rejected a document that is alleged by some to allow missionary work in Egypt, arguing that it will increase tension between Muslims and Copts. AWR has already published Shaykh al-Zifzāf’s denial fo these claims, with a link to the full text of the document.
In this article, the author discusses the latest crisis of the ‘Document of Religious Rights’, signed by the Azhar, which he claims allows proselytizing. The author believes that such problems could be avoided by involving the Islamic Research Academy further in such matters.
Cultural plurality is thriving thanks to up-to-date technology and the use of the Internet.
The Azhar al-Sharīf declared its support for a document on religious rights issued by a group of Christians and Muslims in the United States, calling itself “Ambassadors for Peace.” His Eminence, the Grand Imām Dr. Muhammad Sayyid Tantāwī, Shaykh of the Azhar, asserted his support for anyone...
Did the Grand Imam of the Azhar, Sheikh Muhammad Sayyid Tantāwī, give the green light to US Christian organizations to practice the freedom to Evangelize in Egypt and the Muslim world?
"The issue of dialog has become recently an important one on all levels. We live in a time where all interests are intertwined and have become complicated as never before. Solving them by dialog has become very important" writes Egypt’s Minister of Awqaf or Religious Endowments.
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