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This article talks about the founding of the organization Egyptians against Religious Discrimination (MARED) and the media coverage concerning sectarian issues in Egypt, with regard to MARED.
Summary: This article outlines two distinct cases of Coptic oppression during the reign of Mubarak, although many in the government believe that the Coptic rights issue has improved since his presidency.
This article deals with the inhumane treatment reported by Pastor Zakariya of Luxor when demolition services came to his home and assaulted the pastor and his family. The area was marked for demolition, which was not an issue to the pastor or to the Evangelical Church. The issue lay in how the...
This article describes a conference held in Sharm al-Sheikh organized by the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services. The director of the CEOSS, Nabil Abadir, stated that the purpose of the conference was to discuss “the tragic cultural dilemma Egypt is living through, hoping to build...
Khalīl highlights a valuable piece of research presented at the second conference of “Egyptians against Discrimination” , entitled the name ‘Education and Citizenship’.
Even though the Supreme Administrative Court issued a final ruling last March giving Bahā’īs the right to have ID cards and birth certificates with an empty religion field there are still examples of discrimination taking place.
The Coptic cemetery in Hawwara, Fayoum dates back to 1913. However ten years ago two schools were built near the cemetery along with a water reservoir to supply the school. The reservoir has caused the underground water level to rise, leading to large parts of the cemetery being flooded. Local...
Watani interviewed Muhammad Zarie a human rights activist who is the head of the Arab Penal Reform organization.
Robert al Faris reviews the Cairo press this month and picks up on the coverage of Marwa al-Shirbini’s killing in Germany.
How Egyptians employ double standards depending on whether the victim is Muslim and the perpetrator Western or vice versa


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