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In his article Yūsuf Sidhom differentiates between the sectarian incidents that take place between Muslims and Copts and real cases of persecution that affect masses of Copts. He argues that the problems for Copts in the governorate of Minya are particularly bad and states that the file on them...
Robeir al-Faris provides a round up of the Cairo press this month. He covers the case of the murder trial of Marwa al-Shirbīni which is taking place in Germany, looking in particular at an article written by Ibrāhīm Isá in al-Dustūr that reflects on the Egyptian reaction to the case. Al-Faris also...
al-Faris writes of the isolation of Copts in Society, the need for more churches, and the controversial 'Master Yacoub'.
Watani reports on the recent Egyptians Against Religious Discrimination conference that was held in the Egyptian capital.
More details were published about the recent incidents against Bahā’īs in al-Shūrānīyah village. Bahā’īs are eager to proclaim their religious rights, and the media seem to be keeping the issue in the spotlight.
On April 2 Bahā’īs in an Upper Egyptian village were attacked by Muslim residents of the village after people from neighboring towns teased them for having Bahā’īs living among them.
Ibrāhīm ‘Īsá sheds light on a number of points about expatriate Copts which he believes should be taken into consideration while judging them.
Young people attack Bahā’īs’ houses in an Upper Egyptian village.
Shukrī reports on the recent sectarian incident against Bahā’ī citizens that took place in Upper Egypt.
Last week, after five years of court cases the Supreme Administrative Court allowed Bahā’īs to leave the religion box blank on their official papers.


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