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The author looks at the status of the Baha’ī religion in Egypt and comments on the effects that this status can have on individuals.
Nabīl Zakī refutes the claims that Israel is a democratic and civilized state that accepts religious diversities, listing statements by Jewish rabbis as well as stances of Israeli movements that reject the existence of non-Jewish in Israel, which might nip any attempts of peace in the buds.
The article discusses the General Citizenship Conference, and the resulting Egyptian Declaration of Citizenship.
The article discusses the upcoming conference on citizenship rights in Cairo, arranged by the National Council for Human Rights.
The article discussions the furor that was caused by a document that allegedly showed how the U.S. was funneling aid into Christian organizations, and how the reporting on the issue help to stir up a media tempest.
Sectarian strife in Egypt has been a hot topic of contention in the media. The following article presents a synopsis of incidents that have occurred in Egypt in the recent years. The author considers the reasons behind these attacks, the similar situations that they share, that is attacks that have...
The author considers a number of situations in which the citizen has been overruled by the state. He presents two specific examples, one of a plot of land that was given to the lowest bidder, and the other about forged IOU notes that greatly indebted citizens beyond their means.
The author reviews cases of sectarian incidents in Egypt, and the rumors that frequently accompany the issue.
The article tells the story of a criminal in Minya who has been forging false IOU notes. He used the notes to blackmail his victims into paying him significant amounts of money. At the end of the article, the author asks the audience to consider why most of his victims are Copts.
Subtitle:The case is closed and the murderer is knownIn the past three months three Egyptians have been killed in Europe. The third was a businessman in Holland. "The case is closed and the murderer is known" is the conclusion of the author. Overseas authorities do not care for the death of an...


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