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An episode of the Egyptian Ramadan television series “The Choice 2 [al-Ikhtiyār 2]” has sparked controversy across Arabic media over its depiction of the break-up of the Rābiʿa al-ʿAdawiyya Mosque sit-in in Cairo in 2013.
The Egyptian Ministry of Planning and Economic Development issued a report on the Citizen Investment Plan for the current year in the governorates of Upper Egypt, giving priority to rural areas most in need in order to narrow development gaps and reduce migration flow to urban areas.
Regardless of how the political situations in Lebanon and Iraq may end, there is no doubt that the movements occurring there have come to represent an important transition in the consciousness of their citizens.  They have come to question the competency of confessional forms of governance that...
Al-Yawm al-Sābi’ newspaper looks at the reasons why different areas in Egypt with a high population of Copts have voted in favour of the draft Constitution in the first stage of the referendum and are expected to vote "yes" in the next stage also. 
he Socialist People's Alliance Party called the increase a "bias for the rich at the expense of the poor", pointing out that raising the prices of natural gas and electricity consumption at home reflects the bias of the decision towards  the owners of energy-intensive factories, at the expense of...
Rev. Andrea Zakī, head of the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services (CEOSS), which targets poor, socially marginalized and at-risk groups, stressed that he believes in the right of the state to monitor the funding of NGOs.
Bishop Mūsa writes, there is no doubt that the youth who protested in Tahrīr Square, and other places, were like the sweeping tsunami. He related the cause to three main reasons: first, the despotism the youth suffered from not being heard by the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP); second,...
The Evangelical Church devoted special attention to the role of women in the church in addition to different social and development activities that took place in the church.
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