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1. Anton Wessels, The Grand Finale. The Apocalypse in the Tanakh, the Gospel, and the Qur’an, Translated by Henry Jansen and Lucy Hofland, Wipf & Stock, Eugene, Oregon, 2020, 321 pp. Paperback $ 35 E-book $ 9.99 This English version is dedicated to Professor Saeid Edalatnejad of the...
In his book The French Suicide (2014), the right-wing author Éric Zemmour discussed the collapse of France on several levels.  He focused onto lingering anxieties over migration and a deadly spate of terrorist violence that began in 2015. In the novel Submission by Michel Houellebecq, he imagines a...
The modern world is marked by the ideological clash that everyone is involved in whether as participants or victims.  In order to understand the world correctly, the real sources for these concepts that control this world and their meanings have to be known.
Prof. Emeritus Abdallah Schleifer (84) and Prof. Emeritus Shems Friedlander (79) both served in the Department of Mass Communication at the American University in Cairo (AUC) and obtained the title 'professor,' not because of their academic work (they had none) but because both were acclaimed...
Egypt's National Center for Translation and Publishing is to held a symposium on “The relations between Europe and Islam: Differing Visions”, coming Thursday.
Alef Bookstore in Heliopolis is scheduled to host a symposium to discuss the book “Building moderate Muslim networks" by Angel Rabasa, Cheryl Benard, Lowell H. Schwartz, and Peter Sickle. 
Islamophobia literally means an exaggerated or irrational fear of Islam. In current times, Islamophobia is on the rise worldwide.
This is an article about American thinker John Esposito, who aims to reach the truth behind Islām and the motives of the Islamic resurgence movements. He established the Center of Muslim-Christian Understanding at Georgetown University, Washington.
Mahmūd Qandīl writes a review of three books revolving on the subjects of Islām and Muslims. The three books are ‘Islam and Innovation in Egypt,’ ‘Independent Islamists: Identity and Question’ and ‘The Islamized: What have they done for Islām and for us?’
Representatives of the Islamic community in France filed a lawsuit against a French novelist for writing a novel that defamed Islam. The subject of the novel is Islām and sexual tourism in Thailand. It contained very open attacks against Islam, Muslims, Arabs and Palestinians.


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