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Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci dies at the age of 77 putting an end to a voice against Islam and Muslims.
The author of the article presents a book written by Dr. Sa‘īd al- Lāwindī, former correspondent to al-Ahrām in Brussels and Paris, on Islamophobia in the West.
Hanan Sulaymān interviews Lawrence Pintak and discuses his new book, ‘Reflections in a Bloodshot Lens.’
The author reviews the book ‘Listening to Islam’ by The Revd. Dr. John Watson, in which he “brings to light the intimate prayerful relationship that the devout Catholic monk, Thomas Merton, had with the Pakistani Sufi mystic-scholar, Abdul Aziz.” Watson asserts “Islam deserves to be listened to.”
This article analyses a recent article published in the International Herald Tribune and examines how terms such as Islamists, fundamentalism, and extremism are used ambiguously by the author. It notes the importance of explaining such terminology so that misunderstandings are avoided.
The author reviews a book of a famous US journalist, in which she talks about Islam and the present situation of Muslims in US society.
A review of an, as yet unpublished book, Londonistan: How Britain is creating a terror state from within is written, by a seasoned observer of radical Islam, Melanie Phillips.
In an interview with al-Ahrām al-‘Arabī, Algeria’s former permanent representative at the Arab League, Dr. Mustafa Sharīf, speaks out on his latest book, ’L’islam, tolérant ou intolerant? ’ [Tolerant or intolerant Islam?], in which he attempts to correct widespread negative perceptions of...
Al-Muslimoun Fī al-Gharb: Bayn Tanāqudāt al -Wāqi‘ wa Tahadīyāt al-Mustaqbal [Muslims in the West: Contradictions of reality and challenges of the future] is a book by Moroccan writer al-Tajani Boul cAwali, who argues that the lives of Muslims in the West are full of contradictions.
A review of Laurance Pintak’s ’Islam, War and Opinions’, published by AUC press.


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