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Dr. Hasan Muhammad Wajīh writes about two visits by Prince Charles to Egypt. Prince Charles’ visit to the Azhar in 1995 mainly focused on improving intercultural interaction between Islam and the West. His visit in 2006, however, was marked by a ceremony during which he received an honorary...
The author represents an overview of Jane Smith’s book, “Islam in America,” in which she speaks about Muslims’ lives in the U.S.
The author reviews a novel written by Robert Ferrigno presuming what could happen if Islamists waged and won a war against the United States and established a caliphate there.
The author of this article reviews three books written in a way he thinks is objective about Islam, the Prophet Muhammad and Muslims, stressing that not all Western writers are unfair to Islam.
Rashā ‘Āmir reviews part of Jane Smith’s book “Islam in America” that tackles the issue of Muslims’ roots in the U.S. and their current living conditions.
Two books on the relationship between the West and Islamic countries are issued.
The book "The New Crusader War" mentioned a fatwa to the effect that if the murderer of the innocent people in America is a Muslim, he has to pay half the diyya [compensation money] to the families of murdered Muslims and nothing more. Usama Bin Laden expressed the same opinion when he was asked...
One of the strange things about the current American war, which talks of fighting terrorism as one of its main targets, is that it started after the world witnessed a decline in terrorism. When terrorism was active, America was among the countries hosting it. Most of the leaders of the extremist...
Charles Montagu Doughty (1843-1926) is the forgotten man of Arabian exploration. Doughty made a point of traveling openly and fearlessly, defiantly proclaiming his status as a Christian. Not surprisingly, he was snubbed, humiliated, beaten up and threatened with death.
The article reviews a book of Philip Lewis ’Islamic Britain: Religion, Politics and Identity among British Muslims.’ The author says this book attempts to correct the wrong picture of Muslims in the British media.


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