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Late this month, the executive council of the Islamic Universities Union in Jordan will examine the establishment of the first Islamic university in Europe. The university is meant to be the center of Islamic ideology and culture in Europe and to work on correcting the image of Islam in the West
One of the main objectives of Islamists is to apply the laws of the Islamic Shari´a. However, they never associate this objective with developing Muslims. The Shari´a and jihad are means not aims in themselves and any group of laws cannot alone change the society. Muslims are in a problem...
Suggestions for what Muslims should do concerning the fact that the West perceives Islam as its enemy because it rejects secularism and Western modernism.
Dr. Youssef Al-Qaradawi says that the form of Islam needed for globalization is forged and thus rejected. He believes that it is better to use the word “non-Muslims” instead of “kufar” in the Islamic religious discourse.
An overview of a book, “Crossroads,’ written by the Minister of Education. The book comments on the reality of the Arab world and the Egyptian society.
Examples on the fact that the tone of the attacks launched against Islam became higher in the wake of the events of September 11.
The article is an interview with British columnist and parliament member George Galway. He comments on the anticipated war on Iraq, its consequences and the stand of the United Nations towards it. He also comments on the issue of clashes between civilizations.
German orientalist Tillman Nagel, director of the Arab and Islamic Studies Institution at the German University of Goetingen, speaks about the role of orientalists in explaining Islam to the West. He comments on globalization, the West´s campaign against Islam, the Palestinian and Iraqi issues...
The Europeans think of themselves as being at the center of the universe and consequently they believe that they are always right and that they have the prerogative to set the standards for other people and races in science, literature and art.
At the beginning of 21st century, globalization, to many people, is a highly worrying phenomenon, whose effect is being felt throughout the entire world. The author examines the link between identity politics and terrorism.


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