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The article of ‘Abd al-‘Azīz reports about the Azhar’s indefinite suspension of interfaith dialogue with the Vatican. Pope Benedict XVI’s repeated criticism on Islam and his calls for increased protection of Christians in Egypt and the Middle East are named as main reasons for the Azhar’s freeze of...
As a consequence of the suicide bombing that  killed 21 people and injured nearly 100 in Alexandria, Egyptian authorities have tightened security around churches. Meanwhile, seven people were questioned about the New year's Day attack outside the the Church of the Two Saints, Saint Mark and Pope...
The grand imām of the Azhar and the archbishop of Canterbury call for collaboration between believers of heavenly regions to establish peace and justice in the world.
The article discusses Pope Shenouda’s views on a number of key issues discussed in the Coptic community. It discusses the Coptic Church stance on divorce and the key events in 2008.
Rena Netjes is running as a candidate in the European Parliament elections on June 4. She visited the Arab-West Report office at the end of December to discuss her ideas and ambitions. In particular she focused on the need to improve relations and understanding between Europe and the Middle East.
Western interference in the Middle East started long ago and has continued right up to the present day, with no apparent end in sight. This relationship is the key focus of Robert Fisk’s book ’The Great War for Civilisation’. The book describes in detail Robert Fisk’s experiences as a journalist in...
Arab-West relations are complicated and controversial. In this paper Bāhir Dukhān, an Arab-West Report intern, has analyzed the Egyptian media from 2003 to investigate how the media affects Arab-West relations and how the Egyptian press covered the events leading up to the 2003 U.S-led war on Iraq.
In his speech for the launch of the ENAWU network, Prince Hassan bin Talal discusses the need to develop global commons and to promote citizenship for all. He further explains the need to advance one ethical standard for all and the importance of dialogue between different cultures.
Drs. Hulsman addresses Dr. Salīm al-ʿAwā and comments on a number of issues related to dialogue between Muslims and Christians.
The article discusses a letter sent by over 130 Muslim scholars to Christian leaders around the world, stressing the need for global peace.


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