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On the third day of the murder trial of the killer of Marwah al-Shirbīnī, the accused has injured himself. The judge has called for a doctor to inspect him and see whether he is able to be present during the trial.
This editorial, republished from the Wall Street Journal by Watani International emphasizes the issue of Christian persecution throughout much of the Muslim world. Pointing to the fact that out of the top 10 worst persecutors of Christians, 8 of those listed are Muslim nations.  
Heading in the opposite direction to France, some British local councils hold swimming sessions restricted to those wearing the ‘Burkini’ Islamic swimming costume.
The article deals with role of the media and political powers in religious incitement.
The head of the Dutch Freedom Party, Geert Wilders, has announced that he will visit Turkey as part of a parliamentary delegation next year. In the past Wilders’ other foreign visits have caused considerable controversy.
The article sheds light on the increasing calls for freezing the Interfaith Dialogue Committee after the murder of Marwah al-Shirbīnī at the hands of a German extremist inside a courtroom in Germany.
Mūsa comments on the changes that have taken place regarding television programs for Dutch Muslims in the Netherlands during Ramadān. He mentions a number of different stories that have taken place in the last month that highlight how different the situation is for Muslims now as opposed to a...
Muslims and Christians pray for the peace of al-Shirbīnī’s soul.
Islamophobia is on the rise around the world. The phenomenon basically means an exaggerated or irrational fear of Islam and if this fear continues it could have long-term consequences and implications. This paper attempts to develop a negotiating strategy to manage the Islamophobic discourse.
Rena Netjes is running as a candidate in the European Parliament elections on June 4. She visited the Arab-West Report office at the end of December to discuss her ideas and ambitions. In particular she focused on the need to improve relations and understanding between Europe and the Middle East.


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