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America on Line announces that it has canceled a site on the Internet that contained forged Qu’ranic verses.
Qu’ranic verses are forged on the Internet. The site called suralikeit contains Arabic words written in the style and rhythm of the Qur’an to form sentences opposed to it in meaning.
Sheik Abdallah Ben Manie’-member of the committee for senior scholars answers about the correct method of training for preachers and questions whether or not the Muslims have fulfilled their obligation towards dawa (Islamic mission.)
Hulsman argues that there are social problems in Egypt but not persecution and that if the proposals for a law promoting religious freedom worldwide becomes law they could lead to polarization between Muslims and Christians in Egyptian society. He gives examples of stories which have been...
A brief contemplation on the nature of Islam.
A Christian woman’s story of converting to Islam.
The author met Pope Shenouda after he had met with the delegation of the Council of Churches of New York. The Pope was angered by the term ’religious conflict’ even if it was used in the context of denying its existence as it is a term that implies ill will. The Pope then continues describing the...


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