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Questioning the religious dimension of the war on Iraq is the focus of many articles covering the war. Different publications shed light on Bush’s religious background in an effort to establish a link between his religious tendencies and the war. Others wonder whether the war is a new crusade...
The overview covers different articles that deal with the role religion plays in the life of President Bush and how it impacts his foreign policy and whether the US war on Iraq is a crusade. It also refers to the theory of clashes between civilizations.
Fādī Habashī interviews Bishop Mousā, the bishop of youth, and discusses with him the current problems Copts are facing.
Al-Rikābī responds to Tony Blair’s suggestion that the war on Iraq is God’s will. The author rejects the idea of using religion to launch wars, considering it to be hypocrisy.
The author comments on the opinions expressed by Dr. Yohanna Qulta, concerning the reasons behind the war on Iraq, which he expressed in an interview with the magazine.
The National Council of Churches of the US, the Islamic Assembly in North America, and the Religious Action Association for Reformed Judaism organized a meeting in the US. Religious leaders urged President George Bush in this meeting to abandon future wars based on preemptive strikes.
Arabs are continuously receiving information that seems to indicate that the US indeed launched a crusade against the Islamic world. Some of this material originated with Christian leaders and organizations in the US and was misinterpreted in some Arab media. It is dangerous to continue feeding the...
The Azhar and the Vatican have issued a joint statement in which they condemn launching a war against Iraq. It stresses that war has destructive consequences and means the failure of humanity. It will affect Muslim-Christian relations in the world.
The Anglican Church urges all churches in the UK to pray for the Iraqi people. The author wishes that God may listen to their prayers as He listened to those of other kufar [unbelievers] before.
Pope Johan Paul II´s peace envoy met with Saddam Hussein in Baghdad. He discussed means to guarantee peace and directed a call to the world´s conscience to avert war.


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