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On the other hand, American Diaspora Copts organized a march for Saturday in front of the White House to reject the bombing of Syria. Majdī Khalīl, director of the organization, Coptic Solidarity, based in the U.S. said that the goal of the march is to confirm that Middle East Copts will not be the...
This editorial, republished from the Wall Street Journal by Watani International emphasizes the issue of Christian persecution throughout much of the Muslim world. Pointing to the fact that out of the top 10 worst persecutors of Christians, 8 of those listed are Muslim nations.  
In Iraq, the persecution of Christians continues and many Christian families are leaving Mosul for Baghdad while there are estimates that a third of the Christian population has left the country.
The author comments on the U.S. Commission on International Freedom’s report on religious freedom in Iraq, and the migration of Christians from the region.
Christian communities in the Orient and their declining numbers are discussed in the following article, as well as some of the reasons behind this decline.
The article considers to what extent political Islam movements have influenced religious intolerance.
The author investigates an incident in Iraq, where a Fatwá was issued to the Assyrian Christian residents in a suburb of Baghdad, to convert to Islam or face death. He reviews the responses to the crisis, and provides his own perspective on the issue.
The article discusses the Iraqi crisis, and the escalating terrorist attacks that are ripping the country apart.
Five bombings in Baghdad and Mosul, four of which were close to churches and one close to the police station, caused the death of 10 people and the injury of 73 more. The Iraqi government blamed the terrorist group led by the Jordanian Mosaab al-Zarqawi for the bombings of the churches. The church...
Ahmad Amīn ‘Arafātslams some satellite channels for inviting unqualified Muslim clerics who issue online Fatwás without having considerable knowledge of Islām. Citing Dr. Rashād Khalīl, the former dean of the Faculty of Sharī‘ah and Law, as an example, ‘Arafāt indicated that Dr. Khalīl issued a...


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