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The Anglican Church urges all churches in the UK to pray for the Iraqi people. The author wishes that God may listen to their prayers as He listened to those of other kufar [unbelievers] before.
Pope Johan Paul II´s peace envoy met with Saddam Hussein in Baghdad. He discussed means to guarantee peace and directed a call to the world´s conscience to avert war.
Pope John Paul II´s special envoy announced yesterday that he will meet with President Saddam Hussein after his talks with Iraqi Vice-President and Deputy Prime Minister. He held a mass for the sake of peace in Baghdad.
Comment on the role played by official Christian churches and denominations in the US and the whole world in regard to the Iraqi and Palestinian issues. The article explains that there is a difference between the tendencies of the US Christian Right Wing and those of official churches.
The Sheikh of the Azhar stresses that launching a war against Iraq will have side effects on all neighboring countries. Pope Shenouda says that the world fears the consequences of an attack on Iraq and that a peaceful solution is best.
Interview with the Malaysian advisor of the prime minister for Islamic affairs. He explains the Malaysian perspective of Islam and comments on martyrdom operations and the Iraqi issue.
Egyptian Islamic leading figures called for escalating public protests against American war on Iraq. They issued a statement in which they criticized American policies. The statement contains a fatwa by the Brotherhood saying that any contribution to this war is unlawful according to Shari´a.
Overview of reactions and demonstrations against the anticipated war on Iraq in the US, Denmark, Australia, Portugal and Egypt.
In a clear reference to non-Muslims, the Assembly of Prominent Scholars in Saudi Arabia warns against the fact that some people hastily accuse others of kufr [unbelief]. The assembly has issued a fatwa that considers random accusations of kufr as a crime.
Muslim preachers in Arab and Islamic countries warn against helping the US in attacking Iraq, stressing that any form of help is against the Shari’a. They call upon combating the new US occupation which targets Arab and Islamic nations.


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