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We are facing a current phenomenon about the appearance of religious parties clad in political attire during a fragile time of political reform
For Arab Christians, this Christmas my have been a time for introspection, but for Arab Muslims it was time for some serious thinking. The last holiday season more than any other in recent memory witnessed events of inclusions and exclusion, both sad and dramatic, symbolically.
Muhammad Mahdi Akef, the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, answers questions about political reform, the recently established unified opposition front, the upcoming parliamentary elections and other topics.
Dr. Muhammad Sayyed Tantawi, the Grand Imam of the Azhar, formerly Egyptian Mufti , compared the US invasion of Iraq to the liberation of Mecca in an interview with the Al-Hurra channel last week. He explained that US forces came to aid the people of Iraq and rescue them from the tyranny,...
The author replies to Soheir Labib A’azer’s comment on his article "The Pope and the apology." A’azer believed that most of what the author wrote was incorrect and was prejudiced against the Pope. However, the author stressed that he did not lower the importance of what the Pope did.
Pope Shenouda apologized that he would not be visiting Iraq, at the invitation of the Catholic Chaldean Patriarchate, to attend a conference on Christian peace.
Sheikh Omar Al-Bastawsi, the head of the Central Administration for Public Relations and Media in the office of the Sheikh of the Azhar, said that the agenda of the Grand Imam did not contain any visit to Iraq during this year. Only Pope Shenouda confirmed receiving an invitation to visit Iraq.
An Iraqi newspaper "Al-Nasseriya" reported that the Sheikh of the Azhar, Mohammed Sayyed Tantawi, the Mufti of Egypt, Dr. Nasr Farid Wasel and Pope Shenouda III, the Pope of Alexandria and the See of St. Mark will visit Iraq soon, as an expression of their solidarity with the Iraqi people against...
Pope Shenouda exalted the climate of freedom and democracy; all Egyptians live in, in the shade of the leadership of President Mubarak. He said that the idea that Jews are God’s chosen people is wrong. He criticized the Vatican for discharging Jews from wronging Jesus Christ and shedding his blood.
Pope Shenouda agreed with the General Secretary of the Middle East Council of Churches, to delay the visit of the council to Iraq, in order to prepare for it and coordinate with the Iraqi church regarding the agenda of the visit.


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