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The author criticizes Sheikh Youssef Al-Qaradawi for speaking about the Iraqi crisis, in relation to the Palestinian conflict, as a secondary issue. He said that Americans get Muslims occupied with the aggression on Iraq rather than with the issue of Palestine as they did before using Bin Laden and...
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The article is an interview with Pope Shenoud III on the Iraq crisis. He believes that Iraq will not regain peace unless foreign forces withdraw from it. He stresses that Israel is the greatest danger threatening the region of the Middle East.
The director of the office of the general mufti of Bulgaria says that the Islamic conference that was supposed to be held in Bulgaria this month has been postponed because of the war on Iraq.
The author comments on an old recorded tape by Sheikh Muhammad Hassan saying that besieging Iraq is one of the signs of Doomsday. He believes that Sheikh Hassan, as many other Sheikhs, do not introduce to people what the Qur’an says but simply their own religious culture.
The author wonders what the real reason behind the war on Iraq is and which Holy Bible President Bush reads. He reminds Bush with some Biblical verses that urge on love, mercy, peace and tolerance
The rector of the Azhar University asked Arab countries to possess mass destruction weapons to be able to combat any aggression, as God orders Muslims. Such thing is now important especially after the invasion of Iraq.
The Middle East Council of Churches (MECC) has called upon churches to cancel Easter festivities and have only prayers in solidarity with the Iraqi people.
In their celebration of Palm Sunday and Easter, non-Catholic and Catholic Egyptian churches stressed the importance of achieving peace and stability in Iraq and Palestine.
Translation but not mentioned if summarized or not. Could it be a summarized translation? Answer yes or no   
Bishop Lukas stressed that the war on Iraq overstepped all norms. It is a war that is religiously rejected and is against international legitimacy. He believes that both American and British people are against this war, as many governmental officials resigned.
The author criticizes the fact that some religious concepts, one of which is jihad, have been taken out of their traditional and historical context and are applied in a completely different framework. Jihad in the past was declared by an imam who had both political and religious authority to...
Omar Bakri, leader of London-based Al-Muhajjerin [emigrants] group, says that US soldiers in Iraq are legal targets for the mujahideen who want to attack US-British forces.
The author criticizes an article by Dr. Essam Al-Erian, a Brotherhood member, titled “Jihad by [engaging in] war…should it be a duty [on Muslims] in the war on Iraq?” He criticizes Al-Erian for associating jihad with war. This association gives the impression that dividing jihad into military and...
Dr. Saad Eddin Ibrahim is leaving Cairo today for the US for treatment in Colombia University Hospital. He expresses satisfaction at the end of the US war on Iraq.
The British Home Secretary declared that Britain has withdrawn its citizenship from Egyptian fundamentalist Abu Hamza Al-Masri, head of the London-Based Ansar Al-Shari´a [Shari´a supporters] group.
The author comments on the effect of the war in Iraq on Muslims in France. He believes that the French anti-war attitude has reconciled their religious and national identities.
The author advises Muslim youth on how to help their brothers in Iraq and Palestine. He believes that the war on Iraq is not the only crisis the Islamic umma [nation] is going through these days. He elaborates on the Qur´anic verse “Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people...
Arabs are continuously receiving information that seems to indicate that the US indeed launched a crusade against the Islamic world. Some of this material originated with Christian leaders and organizations in the US and was misinterpreted in some Arab media. It is dangerous to continue feeding the...
The author believes that the US aggression on Iraq makes Bush and Bin Laden similar. He believes that the aggression is much more terrible than the attacks of September 11. Both events are terrorist events that have no religious justifications whatsoever.


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