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Interview with the Malaysian advisor of the prime minister for Islamic affairs. He explains the Malaysian perspective of Islam and comments on martyrdom operations and the Iraqi issue.
Egyptian Islamic leading figures called for escalating public protests against American war on Iraq. They issued a statement in which they criticized American policies. The statement contains a fatwa by the Brotherhood saying that any contribution to this war is unlawful according to Shari´a.
Overview of reactions and demonstrations against the anticipated war on Iraq in the US, Denmark, Australia, Portugal and Egypt.
In a clear reference to non-Muslims, the Assembly of Prominent Scholars in Saudi Arabia warns against the fact that some people hastily accuse others of kufr [unbelief]. The assembly has issued a fatwa that considers random accusations of kufr as a crime.
Muslim preachers in Arab and Islamic countries warn against helping the US in attacking Iraq, stressing that any form of help is against the Shari’a. They call upon combating the new US occupation which targets Arab and Islamic nations.
The article is an interview with British columnist and parliament member George Galway. He comments on the anticipated war on Iraq, its consequences and the stand of the United Nations towards it. He also comments on the issue of clashes between civilizations.
The events and consequences of September 11 represent the peak of the historical and social development that the Islamic world has witnessed since World War II. This development witnessed agreement and conflict between Americanization and Islamization, which are the two faces of the crisis of the...
Pope Shenouda participated in one of the symposiums of the Cairo International Book Fair. He commented on the expected war against Iraq, President Mubarak´s decision regarding January 7, Christians in the media, the relation between the American Christian right wing and Zionism, whether the...
The author asks the Sheikh of the Azhar to let the Azhar play its role as a noble Islamic Institution. He asks him to travel to Iraq and issue a fatwa about boycotting American products if the US attacks Iraq. He asks him to give his opinion concerning human rights and the economic situation in...
The General director of the Islamic Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (IESCO) speaks about the role of the organization and comments on the problems facing the Islamic world.
Muslim Brotherhood members who attended a conference held by the Bar Association on the Iraqi issue focused on criticizing the policies of the government. They asked the government to stop enforcing the Emergency law and to make a comprehensive political reform that allows Islamists to practice...
German orientalist Tillman Nagel, director of the Arab and Islamic Studies Institution at the German University of Goetingen, speaks about the role of orientalists in explaining Islam to the West. He comments on globalization, the West´s campaign against Islam, the Palestinian and Iraqi issues...
A symposium was held in the residence of the Greek Catholic Patriarchy to discuss the role of Arab Christians in correcting the image of Islam in the West and the stand of the Vatican towards the expected war against Iraq among other issues.
Dozens of Christian religious men in the US urged President Bush to avert waging war on Iraq. They asserted that such a war would be a violation of the teachings of Christ. They published their appeal in a full-page in The New York Times.
The executive committee of the Middle East Council of Churches issued a warning against the scourges that all Arab countries would suffer from if the US attacked Iraq. The committee expressed its solidarity with the Palestinian people.
The 14th Islamic Fiqh Conference issued a fatwa to the effect that it is illegal to support aggressors against Iraq. However, the final statement of the conference does not express any clear-cut stand towards martyrdom operations.
Pope Shenouda speaks to Al-Musawwar about many issues concerning terrorism, the situation in Palestine, the expected American war against Iraq and the decision of President Mubarak that established Coptic Christmas as a national holiday.
The Archbishop of York will lead special prayers in the Anglican Church for the Iraqi people. The Mufti of Turkey issued a fatwa to the effect that soldiers who will die in such a war will not be considered martyrs.
British church officials have announced an initiative to issue an apology to Muslims for the Iraq war waged by the US-led alliance arguing that the West has committed a ‘litany’ of mistakes in Iraq.
The outstanding Norwegian journalist and author Asne Seierstad wrote her very personal and compelling report when she survived amid the current chaos of Iraq. The volume is entitled A Hundred and One Days: A Baghdad Journal.


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