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The article is an interview with the Sheikh of the Azhar about the fatwa of Sheikh Al-Esh which incriminated dealing with the Iraqi Transitional Ruling Council. He said that he canceled the fatwa because no Egyptian sheikh, including himself, has the right to give a fatwa about Iraq. He stressed...
The article reports the visit of Pope Shenouda to the Egyptian community in the US and the issues he discussed there. Among these issues were: the crisis of the Anba Antonius Monastery, the problems of Copts in Egypt in relation to the claims of emigrant Copts. He also commented on the attitude of...
The writers asked Pope Shenouda about the conditions of Iraq and Palestine and the status of Egyptian Christian emigrants.
The writer criticizes religious scholars who deliver fatwas without deep consideration and awareness of the issues related to the fatwas.
The article is an interview with Sheikh Nabawi Al-Eish, who gave the controversial fatwa that incriminated dealing with the Iraqi transitional ruling council. The fatwa is reportedly rejected by the American Embassy in Egypt.
The former Dutch prime Minister comments on the Arab-Israeli conflict, the political role of the European Union, the situation in Iraq and the theory of the clashes between civilizations. He also expressed his admiration of Egypt.
The article is an interview with Dr. Nasr Farid Wasel, the former Mufti of Egypt and member of the Islamic Research Institute, about the status in Iraq and Palestine.
The author discusses the issue of the conflict between civilizations, stating that religions, especially Christianity and Islam, are forced into it as a main element. She uses four arguments to refute the proposition of religions being part of the conflict.
Islamic thinker Dr. Zaghloul Al-Naggar believes it is necessary for Iraqi scholars and preachers to cooperate in order to overcome the crisis their country is going through. He adds that these scholars and preachers are able to explain the true image of Islam to the British and American soldiers in...
The head of the Protestant Community Council in Egypt warns Evangelical churches in Iraq against the dangers of certain groups working in Iraq under the cloak of religious activities while having ulterior motives.


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