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Zudhī Ahmad, an 18-year-old student, wears a black hat in imitation of Abu Muscab al-Zarqāwī, who has become a ‘folk hero’ for many Jordanian young men, even if they do not agree that killing civilians in suicide operations is justified.
The fatwa issued by the Muftī concerning the assassination of Ihāb al-Sharīf, the Egyptian envoy in Iraq, has triggered questions about the political role of the jurist institution in Egypt and the Islamic world, as well as the limits and rights of jurists.
Different reports on whether or not Christians in Islamic countries are persecuted: 30.1 Hermann Schalück OFM Persecuted Christians? Introduction 30.2 Johannes Müller SJ Religious Freedom - Aspirations and Reality Reflections on the Complex Relationship between Christians and Muslims 30.3 Theodor...
Sheikh Youssef Al-Qaradawi says that America insists on attacking Iraq to strip it of its power for the benefit of Israel. He adds that Americans and Israelis seek to add his name to the list of terrorists and freeze his bank accounts on grounds of his support for the Palestinian people. He...
The Sheikh of the Azhar says that he is against striking Iraq and praises the stance of the Anglican Church that warned against striking Iraq. He believes it is unfair that America accuses Islam and Muslims of crimes they never committed, stressing that Arabs and Muslims are innocent of the...
This press review tackles the Sunni-Shiite clashes in Iraq, the Egyptian initiative forwarded by top Sunni Muslim scholars in Egypt to bring an end to the violence, and the exchanged assaults on the shrines of both sides.
Al-Ahrām Center for Political and Strategic Studies has recently published the first issue of the Guide to Islamic Movements in the World, which provides a thorough analysis of the increasing popularity of Islamic movements and ideas around the world.
Around 99 U.S. bishops and more than 5000 members of the United Methodist Church have recently signed an anti-war statement, calling the Iraq war "an unjust and immoral invasion and occupation."
U.S. political science researchers claim that establishing peace through democracy in the Muslim world is a theory doomed to failure. The author suggests that democratic Islam is now even more of a threat to the West than Bin Lādin.
Sergio Romano, a celebrated columnist and political analyst in one of Italy’s leading newspapers Corriere Della Sera, who paid a recent visit to Cairo, said that the US policies against Arab and Muslim countries have drawn a growing Islamic awakening, which make it harder and harder for Muslims to...
The Muslim community in Britain is working on clarifying the true image of Islam, particularly for young Muslims who feel some anger which, it is suggested, could drive them to commit acts of violence.
While the wave of anti-Islam keeps rising in the West and some associate Islam with terrorism, Karen Armstrong, a British writer who specialized in comparative theology, defends the Muslim faith. She is highly critical of Tony Blair’s decision to support the U.S. war on Iraq.
Mahmoud Khalīl writes that despite the atrocities committed against civilians by the British forces in World War II and the U.S. forces in Vietnam and Iraq, the world has not dared to point the finger of blame at Britain and the United States and accuse them of terrorism.
Deputy Rector of Cairo University, Dr. Hāmid Tāhir, writes about recent terrorist attacks and about the common interests that should bind all people together, regardless of nationality or religion.
‘Abd al-Rahmān al-Rāshid argues that it is not only wrong, but also dangerous to link the recent London bombings to foreign policy and economic reasons, as advisors tot he government have done.
Belgian writer and political analyst, Stephan Le Norman has raised many eyebrows in the Belgian political circles when he attacked U.S. President, George W. Bush in his recent book, Al-Zarqāwī-Bush: Evil War, describing him as the incarnation of evil.
The congregation of St. George’s Memorial Church, the Anglican church in Baghdad fears the loss of its entire lay leadership.
The concept of interfaith dialogue has actually existed since the earliest days of Islam. Recently though, a new concept of intercultural dialogue has emerged.
The tough circumstances facing the Arab nation requires everyone of us to bring together all elements of power through a serious reform at home.
Ramadan is again upon us: The Islamic holy month of fasting begins on Friday, October 15. We should all hope that U.S. forces in Iraq don’t make the same mistake with regard to it this year that they did last.


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