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The author comments on the opinions expressed by Dr. Yohanna Qulta, concerning the reasons behind the war on Iraq, which he expressed in an interview with the magazine.
The bishops and patriarchs of Iraq asked the head of the Security Council to make the Iraqi constitution include articles that guarantee Christians their religious, cultural, social and political rights.
According to Newsweek, American Christian missionaries will continue their activities in Iraq, where Muslims account for 98% of the population. The International Bible Society will send 10,000 copies of an Arabic book titled “Jesus Christ came with peace” to Iraq. At the same time, the White House...
The article discusses the conditions of Muslims in Germany and the different attempts to get them integrated in German society.
The National Council of Churches of the US, the Islamic Assembly in North America, and the Religious Action Association for Reformed Judaism organized a meeting in the US. Religious leaders urged President George Bush in this meeting to abandon future wars based on preemptive strikes.
American authorities have escalated a campaign against Muslims of Iraqi origin. The FBI has started an investigation campaign called “The Armor of Freedom” with thousands of Iraqis.
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The article sheds light upon Jews in Iraq. While Jews in Iraq stress their Iraqi identity and reject leaving Iraq, Iraqi Jews living outside Iraq have started to ask for alleged rights – a game which Jews have played with many other Arab regimes.
A number of Egyptian bishops of the Coptic Orthodox Church said that Arab Christians would not celebrate Easter, as sadness over what has taken place in Baghdad breaks their hearts. The head of the World Council of Churches said that the churches of the Middle East canceled all Easter festivities...
The author believes that the war on Iraq has nothing to do with religion, despite the religiously colored statements of Both Saddam Hussein and Bush. He believes that the US has launched this war to show off its power in the region of the Middle East, to where the perpetrators of the attacks of...


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