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The article deals with the American International Republican Institute (IRI)’s interference in Egyptian politics by urging political parties to shift their attention from the Iraqi and Palestinian fronts to the internal front and the problems facing the country.
The author reviews a visit paid by former Dutch Prime Minister Professor Andreas Van Agt to Egypt to launch the Center for Arab-West Understanding (CAWU), his lecture and his meetings with Egyptian officials, religious leaders and intellectuals.
President Mubārak is not alone in his opinion that Iraqi Shi’ites are more loyal to Iran than to Iran. Former Iraqi diplomats have the same opinion.
President Mubārak’s statements to al- ‘Arabīya satellite channel have provoked angry reactions among Shi’ites in Iraq. Mubārak said Iraqi Shi’ ites are more loyal to Iran than to their homeland.
Discussion of a plan to set up a safe haven for Christians in Nineveh Valley, Iraq, after the Iraqi authorities prove incapable of protecting them.
When Madeleine Albright, the former American minister of foreign affairs, was asked about how she felt when half a million children in Iraq were killed as a result of the sanctions imposed on their country, her answer was that it was a very difficult choice. But after putting everything into...
The General Secretariat of the Collecting Center of the Arabic Revolutionary Democratic Dialogue stated that America, in a new imperialistic attempt to stress its control over the world, was preparing to launch a war against a number of countries, at the top of which was Afghanistan. He added that...
Drs. Cornelis Hulsman was interviewed by Egyptian TV to speak about the role of Western media in reporting on the attack in America. The questions directed at him made it obvious that there is a deep mistrust of Western reporting about the Arab and Islamic world. The interviewer believed that...
With the escalating conflict in Iraq between the Sunnis and Shi’ites, many Muslim thinkers are urging Muslims to unite behind their belief in God and the Prophet Muhammad.
The Turkish ambassador to Egypt speaks about Islamic dialogue, particularly in relation to the current Iraq crisis, and the need for dialogue between the Islamic world and the West.


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