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Muhammad ‘Ashur reviews Karen Armstrong’s book about the Prophet’s Muhammad life.
On the third anniversary of his death, Rashā ‘Āmir writes about the contributions of Edward Sa‘īd, the world-renowned scholar, in the fields of literature and criticism.
Despite the time-honored calumnies of the West against Islam, this text notes that the West does not have a monolithic stance towards Islam. It quotes three Western testimonies in favor of Islam and suggests ways that the Islamic world can work towards improving relations with the West.
The author identifies a number of reasons why he believes Muslim concerns about a crusade led by the U.S. against Islam are justified.
Islamophobia advocacy is advocacy that instils fear in people’s minds about Islām. Sebastian Kohn has noticed Qur’ān increase in this kind of advocacy on the internet, which is concerning because it brings a clash of civilizations closer to humanity. This kind of advocacy is especially effective on...
Dr. Jason Thompson, history professor at AUC, emphasizes the role that orientalists have played in intercultural understanding.
With the growth of home-grown terrorism in Europe and in Canada, scholars and experts discuss the reasons why some Muslims in Western societies seem to be drawn to terrorism.
The events of September 11 revived the theory of dividing the world into two parties, namely, the West and the others and that there is no future for the people of the East, unless they submit completely to westernization and abandoned their identity. However, the unique coexistence between Muslims...
The author of this article reviews three books written in a way he thinks is objective about Islam, the Prophet Muhammad and Muslims, stressing that not all Western writers are unfair to Islam.
Dr. Zaynab Muhammad Ra’fat writes that amid the campaign against Islam and the Prophet Muhammad by some Western figures, a number of distinguished Western scholars and historians have shown great respect for the prophet.


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