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The writer presents an overview of two books: First, “The Crisis of Islam: Holy War and Unholy Terror” by Bernard Lewis. Second, “Al Qa´ida And What It Means To Be Modern” by John Gray.
The writer provides the reasons behind the increasing of the percentage of the Americans that believe Islam´s followers urge violence.
The author specified six principles, which he believes, Bernard Lewis based his perception of Islam and Muslims on.
The author comments on different anti-Islamic writings of British historian, Bernard Lewis.
The author raises a question: Is rejecting the other a characteristic confined to Islamic culture? She writes that the reason behind her question is to compare between the strength of the religion [of Islam] and the strength of its followers on the international level. She also analyzes the reasons...
The article is an overview of the book "Maxime Rodinson Between Islam and the West. Interviews with Gerard D. Khoury.” The overview concentrates on the questions that reflect the philosophy of Rodinson concerning the relation between Islam and the West.
The article is an review of Bernard Lewis’ book “The Crisis of Islam.”
The author believes that Annemarie Schimmel is an example of honesty in orientalism. She gives a background of her life and work.
The author comments on the “lovers of takfir” [those who love to accuse others of disbelief]. Instead of attracting people to Islam, “the lovers of takfir” do their best to prove that accused Muslims parted from Islam. There is also another group, non-Muslims, particularly orientalists, that...
The author gives a brief background about Annemarie Schimmel and how he got to know her. He claims that he received many letters from her and that these letters indicate that she converted to Islam before passing away.


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