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The article sheds light on 34 characteristics of Annemarie Schimmel as an orientalist. The author believes that she was an envoy to revive Muslims in an age of deterioration.
A brief background about Annemarie Schimmel, who was called “the Dean of the Orietnalists.” No one among the orientalists understood Islam as a civilization and a religion as she did.
The article gives an overview of German orientalist Annemarie Schimmel´s ideas about Islam and her efforts to convey the true image of Islam to the West.
Prof. Dr. Kruk of Leiden University explained the program for Islamic studies in cooperation with the Azhar and some religious institutions in Indonesia and Leiden University. This program is an important development in the area of oriental studies that can open a free and fruitful dialogue between...
German orientalist Tillman Nagel, director of the Arab and Islamic Studies Institution at the German University of Goetingen, speaks about the role of orientalists in explaining Islam to the West. He comments on globalization, the West´s campaign against Islam, the Palestinian and Iraqi issues...
Eulogy of the German Orientalist Dr. Annemarie Schimmel, the most well-known voice in the West for the understanding between Islam and the West.
Before and after the London bombings, many theories appeared, propagating hatred. Many Westerners and the "New Liberals" in the Arab world believe that terrorism began as an international Islamic movement.
The concept of ‘terrorism’ is still indefinable. The term ‘roots of terrorism’ is even more ambiguous. It has thus become very easy to link terrorism to Islam and to claim that the ‘roots of terrorism’ find a suitable environment in Islam, or in Islamic fundamentalism, as a deviation from the true...
There is no student of Islamic history, religion or literature all over the world who does not rely on the writings of Sir Hamilton Gibb, who represents one of the most prominent Western references in these fields.
Muslims are so unfortunate with the link of terrorist activities to Islam. Accusations linking Islam to terrorism come from forces historically and politically antagonistic to it.


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