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Dr. Maḥmūd al-Habbāsh, the Chief Justice and Adviser to the Palestinian President for Religious Affairs, appreciated the reception and welcoming of Rev. Dr. Andrea Zakī, Head of the Evangelical community in Egypt, stressing the depth of Egyptian-Palestinian relations.
Egyptian mediation has played a pivotal role in reaching a cease-fire in Israel and Gaza, with Egypt putting all of its political weight behind the negotiations. These efforts finally culminated in the implementation of a ceasefire at dawn on Friday.
In an interview with Ḥussām al-Dīn al-Ḥaddād on “Good Morning Egypt,” Dr. Muḥammad ʿAbd al-Faḍīl Shūsha, governor of North Sinai, revealed Egypt’s latest preparations to support Palestinians, provide for Gaza’s needs and treat the injured.
On Wednesday, May 12, 2021, Egyptian authorities denied media reports claiming that a state of emergency had been declared in North Sinai hospitals in anticipation of receiving wounded Palestinians. Instead, they said that the elevated degree of readiness was due to the Eid al-Fitr [ʿĪd al-Fiṭr]...
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