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After failing to include Copts killed by ISIS in Libya as part of the National Council for Care of the Families of the Revolution’s Martyrs and Injured as ordered by the Egyptian Cabinet on February 16, 2015, the families of the slain have resorted to the courts to enforce the decision.
The Coptic Orthodox archdiocese of Samālūt headed by Archbishop Pevnotios [Bifnūtiyūs] has announced that it is beginning to prepare on a film called Martyrs of Faith and the Homeland [Shuhadāʾ al-Imān wa al-Waṭan] with the blessings of the Church and Pope Tawāḍrūs II.
A video being circulated on social media showing Christian children reenacting the kidnapping and execution of Egyptian Copts in Libya in 2015 by ISIS has incited anger after it was reported that it was filmed inside one of the churches.
The Orthodox Copts commemorated the return of the remnants of the 20 Coptic martyrs who were killed by members of ISIS in Libya in 2015. Prayers for the martyrs were held at home to limit the spread of Coronavirus. 
On February 15, the churches of Minya and Alexandria commemorated the “martyrs” killed five years ago in Libya by Dāʿish (the Islamic State) in 2015, after the Holy Synod dedicated February 15 as an annual day to celebrate “the feast of the new martyrs.”
Bishop Bafnūtiyyūs, bishop of Samāllūṭ, emphasized that the Coptic martyrs of Libya provided an epic and strength for the Christian faith in the face of Dāʿish and demonstrated to the world the truth of their steadfast faith.  According to him, history will continue to remember the day that these...
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