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On Saturday, September 28th, the Turkish-Muslim association known as (ICMG - Islamische Gemeinschaft Millî Görüş) led a number of events across 25 cities in Germany and the Netherlands to draw attention to what they alleged amounts to discrimination against Muslim women in their daily lives.
The seventh session of the Alexandria Media Forum will be held on Thursday under the title "Media Education and Sustainable Development" in partnership with the American University in Cairo, represented by Kamāl Adham Center for Television and Digital Journalism at the Faculty of International...
Under the theme “We are all with you” the Goethe-Institute, in collaboration with the “ʿAyn al-Samaka” cinematic cultural initiative, will host its event tomorrow, in Cairo at 5 pm.  
President Abdul Fattāḥ al-Sīsī has received a phone call this afternoon from the Iraqi Prime Minister ‘Adel Abdul Mahdī.   
In an interview broadcast today on the Sudanese TV, Lieutenant General Abdul Fattāḥ al-Burhān, head of the Transitional Military Council of Sudan, thanked Egypt for its support to his country and the choices of the Sudanese people, and for its role as the President of the African Union (AU) in...
A special meeting is held for the youth at the Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Alexandria. Many clerics will be present, amongst them Pope Tawāḍrūs II.
The International Mission for the Follow-up to the Referendum on the Constitutional Amendments of Egypt is a coalition composed of 3 international organizations and one Egyptian organization. The mission is preparing to follow up the referendum on the amendments to Egypt’s 2014 Constitution, slated...
The Vatican Pope Francis I washed the feet of 12 inmates including two girls, one of them is Serbian Muslim, who was born in Rome and the other is an Italian Catholic (No Author Mentioned, al-Sabāh, Mar. 30, p. 3). Read original text in Arabic.
Abū al-‘Ilā Mādī, leader of al-Wasat (Centrist) Party and deputy chairman of the constituent assembly, said the panel members have been doing their best to dissuade the church from withdrawing.
In the Bahraini capital, al- Manama, the Conference on Civilization and Cultural Dialogue came to a close.


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