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The author states that Menachem Begin claimed that his ancestors had helped build the Pyramids but that this is untrue.
Ayman ‘Abd al-‘Azīz al-Bishbīshī believes that the Roman Empire was in decline at the time when Christianity was gaining ground. At that time, the West found its haven in Christianity, a religion that calls for peace and rejects violence.
Many Greeks believed that many elements of their own civilization have come from Egypt, while others believed that the Greek civilization was only a branch of Egypt’s.
The author discusses the theocracy in Egypt that prevailed during the Pharaonic era.
Jamāl Badawī examines the early seeds of religion in Egyptian history.
A large number of continuities can be found in beliefs and traditions in Egypt dating back to Pharaonic times, and to understand Sufism, Jamāl al-Ghitānī argues that one must understand Egypt’s past.
The author examines attempts to use biblical references to date antiquities.
Watani is printing a monthly series on the history of the Egyptian people—as opposed to the widely known ‘official’ history of the rulers of Egypt. The first episode of the series demonstrated that ancient Egyptians were a mixture of both Hamite and Shemite races.
Once again, we walk on the path of the Holy Family in order to know more details about the places, which the Holy Family visited in Egypt and what the passing of time has done to these places... Today, we join another series on the monasteries of Wadi Al-Natrun that were established long time ago...
In these days, the Egyptian happiness is doubled because it is celebrating both the Eid Al-Fitr for Muslims and Christmas for Christians.


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