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Responsible for presenting the history of the Coptic Orthodox Cathedral, the seat of the papacy to foreign and local visitors, Eng. Najāti Nāguī said that the legacy of National Unity is remarkable, and that it was a Coptic architect who erected the `Amru Ibn Al-`Ās Mosque around 642 AD, as well as...
During his lecture at the Egyptian Society for Culture and Dialogue, Islamic thinker Dr. Muhammed Salīm al-‘Awwā called upon Muslims to hold on to their Arab heritage. He argued that the Copts' severe and often brutal mistreatment during the Roman Empire led them to perceive Muslims as potential...
This article looks at a new grassroots movement among the Coptic Diaspora which was established in Washington this past weekend. Almost 100 Coptic Christian community organizers from around the globe gathered to discuss religious freedom in the Middle East and future lobbying efforts for the rights...
Hammūdah responds to Morris Sādiq’s statements about the government decision to kill pigs. He describes his words as impolite and refutes his arguments about Copts’ persecution in Egypt.
A summary of Prof. Harald Suermann’s lecture on Christian documents from the 7th century that document Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt just following the arrival of Islam in Egypt.
Professor Harald Suermann visited the CIDT office and delivered a lecture about Christian attitudes toward Muslims during the Umayad era. An article also reflects on a Gallup poll that states that Egypt is the most religious country in the world.
The Religious Liberty Group of the World Evangelical Alliance has written a report on the escalation of Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt. Hulsman quotes from the report and adds his own comments.
’The Copts, Christianity in the Shadows of Pyramids and Minarets’ was the name of a conference that was held at the Evangelical academy in Hofgeismar. During the conference participants discussed Copts’ history in Egypt and the current situation.
The book One Nation; One People, was compiled and written byAl-Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies in 1982. The book provides a scientific analysis of the question of national unity in Egypt.
A book entitled ’al-Aqbāt ‘Abr al-Tārīkh’ [Copts Across History] which was published by Dār al-Khayāl in Cairo and London, details the history of the Copts , their life, traditions, language, arts and political evolution.


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