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Subtitle: 1- Change your religion so as to get back to your work2- A letter from the management of Sheraton confirms the accusation, yet the management assures that this letter is falsified.3- The scandal has reached human rights organizations and the news is being shown on German TV4-...
A famous scriptwriter criticizes Islamic fanaticism and “repentant actresses” resuming their artistic careers.
The tolerance and justice the Islamic conquerors showed encouraged Copts in Egypt to become integrated within the Islamic society. Jamāl Badawī sheds light on the Coptic culture during the Islamic era.
The recently discovered Gospel of Judas has caused heated controversy in Christian circles. Despite having been rejected by the church, the Coptic manuscript is considered to be of considerable scientific and historical value.
Muslim conquests have liberated lands and conscience and that is why Muslims entered those fierce battles against the Byzantine and Roman occupation armies that suppressed the east for 10 centuries – from Alexander the Great (356-324 BC) to Heraclius (610-641).
The author reviews a period in history when Egypt served as a base for the Arab caliphs to conquer Africa.
Ni‘māt Ahmad Fou’ād states that Egypt has always embraced religion, both Islam and Christianity.
The author discusses the Coptic revolutions against the Muslims in the 8th and 9th centuries.
The author seeks to dispel misconceptions about the position of non-Muslims in early-Islam and the jizya [money paid by non-Muslims in a Muslim state in return for protection and safety].
The presence of Christian communities in the midst of Islamic society proves that the oppression that Christians faced from era to era at the hands of extremists and bigots was the outcome of local conditions more so than being a consequence of extremist principles [of Islam] or intolerance…”


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