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The world of faith and believers is a very special world, a very beautiful one. The world of monasticism and the world of monasteries are two magnificent worlds. Their inhabitants have left the world turning their backs to it for the sake of God Almighty...
From the very beginning, Egypt was never far from Islam. It was not a surprise to Egypt when Muslim armies were marching into it. There was not a single Muslim, during and after the Prophet’s life, who was not certain that Egypt would be opened up by Muslims...
Were the applications of our Islamic civilization free from negative elements, from differentiation between majorities and minorities? Treason of Christians in the time of the Mongols led to the destruction of their houses by Muslims.
Vizirs and artisans, skilled craftsmen of states and cities, Egypt’s Armenians have ensured their community’s survival - and kept its history alive.
Fourteen centuries have passed since the Islamic conquest of Egypt and the first meeting between the conquering Arabs and Egyptian Copts. The article discusses the conquest of Egypt, and the relationships between the Copts and the invading army of Arabs.
The Governor of Northern Sinai is working to make the anniversary celebrations of the entry of Islam to Egypt consistent with the holiness of the event honoring the receiving of Islam and its armies.
Egypt celebrates the passage of 14 centuries since the Arab Conquest of Egypt "to promote [its] historical value ... and to affirm that Egypt is the cradle of religions..." Celebrations counter the argument that the aim of the Arab conquest of Egypt was to loot its wealth and conquer its Copts.
All Egyptians enjoyed freedom, equality and justice under the rule of the Muslims. The whole Egyptian people, Muslim and Christian, became an inseparable part of the Islamic civilization and culture.


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