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The writer talks about how the West has transformed the celebration of Christmas into a celebration of Santa Clause, and it is starting to become a phenomenon in the East.
Watani publishes a monthly series depicting the true history of Egypt. The influence of the Romans, Greeks and Persians is explored, combined with the impact that religion had on Egyptian society.
A new book about Egyptian Coptic art and icons published in Paris by Mahmūd Zibāwī.
History has witnessed Western persecution against Eastern Christians. This review highlights some historical incidents that demonstrate this fact and asserts that the unity of Christians and Muslims in the East is facing foreign danger.
This article continues the series by Watani International, tracing the history of how modern-day Egyptians came to be what they are today and marking their origins and the origin of their traditions.
Tradition in the Coptic Orthodox Church has it that at present day Matariya, Joseph stuck his staff in the sand and Baby Jesus stretched out His hand and touched the staff, and a well of pure water sprung up there. The Family drank from the water, and Mary used it to wash the baby’s clothes. The...
The author delves into history to show that Julius Caesar was responsible for the fire at the library of Alexandria, and not Amr Ibn al- Ās as some Copts say.
In relation the previous article, the author comments on Christianity in Egypt and the impact of Egyptian culture and nature on it. His conclusion is that Egypt with its culture can take in any religion or foreign culture and force its features on them.
Many Greeks believed that many elements of their own civilization have come from Egypt, while others believed that the Greek civilization was only a branch of Egypt’s.
In Egypt, as in the rest of the Roman Empire, Christians were persecuted during the first three centuries following the inception of Christianity. The Egyptians or Copts as they later came to be known, accepted Christianity so very rabidly that it is no wonder the Romans were compelled to crack...


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