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Prof. Dr. Ahmed Ghobashy, a lecturer of modern and contemporary history at the Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development, proposed on July 3rd that Egypt can be seen as the cradle of religions. 
The director of the documentary film ‘The Nazi Brotherhood’, Jīhān Yiḥyā, said, that the film is the most powerful presented in Arabic language in terms of its success in evidencing the secret relationship between the Muslim Brotherhood Organization (MBO) and the Nazi dictator, Adolf Hitler, which...
Political and social theorist Sir Isaiah Berlin famously compared nationalism to a ‘bent twig’, ‘forced down so severely that when released, it lashed back wit
Aḥmad Māhir Street is one of the places that still preserve their old essence and Egyptian features despite the development of time and civilization and the fast pace of life imposed by modernity. 
The BA Center for Coptic Studies launched its 7th cultural season in Alexandria. The 1st lecture was held today under the title “A Reading of the Memoirs of Qulīnī Pasha Fahmī ... the Honorable Copt who Built a Mosque” at the Auditorium in the BA Main Library. 
The Center for Arab-West Understanding had faced numerous obstacles from the moment the founders wanted to establish the organization in 2004, despite its lofty goal of facilitating understanding between communities in Egypt and the Arab World and the West, through producing material for Arab-Wes
MEMRI TV Clip No. 6274 highlighted the November 5 interview with firebrand lawyer Nabīh al-Waḥsh, who stated on Egyptian TV, “I'm proud to be anti-Semitic,” and “if I see any Israeli, I will kill him.”
MEMRI TV Clip No. 6274 highlighted the November 5 interview with firebrand lawyer Nabīḥ al-Waḥsh, who stated on Egyptian TV, “I'm proud to be anti-Semitic,” and “if I see any Israeli, I will kill him.”
      Google celebrated the birthday of artist Ḥusayn Bīkār… First to establish the Wax Museum First artist to draw a book cover His last project to produce a cinematic film was stopped due to his religion He converted to the Baha'ī faith and was imprisoned in 1985 for bribery  He...
Despite the controversies generated by the TV drama ‘al-Jamā’a’ (The Muslim Brotherhood), and despite that the episode on the Cairo Fire of January 1952 was only scratched on the surface, the question on who was behind the Cairo Fire, or Black Saturday, is still seeking an answer. 
Her father was accused of betraying ʿUrābī and his revolution, and that he was a reason for facilitating the British to enter Egypt. She was also shocked by the death of her brother, who was the one who understood her most, despite her young age. When she was a child, she was forced to marry...
Today marks the anniversary of the prominent author Iḥsān ʿAbd al-Qudūs’ death on January 11th, 1990.  ʿAbd al-Qudūs is responsible for the most famous stories in Egyptian cinema. In the following, we offer some words on his live… his upbringing? His relationship with women? His family? And how was...
For the first time ever, a book discusses about the contributions of Christians to Arab culture. Why does the government ignore the Coptic age and the Christian contributions to the development of the culture?
One of Egypt's leading political analysts, journalist Dīā' Rashwān said that late Shaikh Al-Sha`rāwī was a “preacher ahead of his time” and had influenced strongly the course of Islam. Distinguished among his precedents, Al-Sha`rāwī is a living phenomenon till today.
The author is a member of the Brotherhood. His article is a study about the group that deals with the Brotherhood from inside and its relations with Islamic groups, political parties, the Egyptian regime and Islamic countries in the light of the US control of the world.
The article compares intellectual and cultural life during the first half of the 20th century to the current time.
A student of higher studies at the Usūl al-Dīn [Fundamentals of Religion] Faculty, al-Minūfīyah branch of the Azhar University, wrote a PhD thesis deeming that the Rose al-Yūsuf periodical and founder were Kāfir. In week 50, AWR presented a series of reactions published in Rose al- Yūsuf. The...
A press review on a recent symposium about Copts’ participation in political life in Egypt. Participants of different perspectives expressed their viewpoints about the matter, and proposed practical steps to stimulate Copts’ participation in political life. The Muslim Brotherhood was also...
Copts recently celebrated the thirty-fifth anniversary of Pope Shenouda’s consecration as patriarch of the See of St. Mark.


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