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The article is an overview of a master’s thesis conducted by Kariman Ibrahim El-Maghraby in 1997 entitled “The Muslim Brotherhood: From Hassan El Banna to Sayyed Qutb." The thesis narrates the history of the Brotherhood since its initiation in Ismailiya. The thesis criticizes the attitudes of...
Naguib Mahfouz was dispossessed of a scholarship to France after his graduation because the head of the scholarships department thought that Mahfouz was a Copt. The author believes that this incident is strong evidence of the importance of Copts and the role they played in the modern history of...
What happened lately in Al-Kosheh has shaken the whole Egyptian entity and made everybody worry about the future of Egypt. Very honestly, what happened was the result of the general atmosphere of Egypt lately, which produced a huge amount of violence and hatred.
The Russian Orthodox Patriarchate decided to send Archpriest Dimitry Netsvetaev to Egypt. He obtained a church-building from the Greek Orthodox Church in Cairo but has no funds to restore the building which had been neglected for decades.
This article deals with the relationships between the Sheikhs of Al-Azhar and King Farouq [the last king of Egypt who was forced to abdicate the throne in 1952].
Vizirs and artisans, skilled craftsmen of states and cities, Egypt’s Armenians have ensured their community’s survival - and kept its history alive.
There are in the history of Egyptian women tens of examples that said, still say and insist that "religion is for God, the country for all." Four Egyptian Christian women are profiled here as examples to show that Coptic Christian women are patriotic Egyptians.


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