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A quick review of current events suggests that what happened in the United States following the September 11, 2001 attacks will happen again in Europe following the March 11, 2004 train explosions. As Arabs and Muslims we need to make them hear our cry—that we also suffer from terrorism and that...
Mr. De Coursac is a French national living in Egypt who strongly objects to US foreign policy in the Middle East. He expressed this objection in an irrational manner and this has made him to misinterpret events and explain them as a US conspiracy without realizing that in that way he has alienated...
After Mubārak’s regime started, the Egyptian leader was battling overwhelming waves that he needed the help of his people, but the people then were crushed by disease and poverty and the only thing they were capable of was grumbling.
Today Turkey is attempting to join the European Union and become the link between the Christian West and the Muslim East, but without wars or armies this time. Will the Europeans give a chance for the two cultures to be joined?
In this article which is a continuation of the interview reported in Al-Liwaa’ Al-Islami last week Milad Hanna argues that Egypt has a unique cultural identity which is the reason for the good relations between Muslims and Christians in Egypt since the entry of Islam into Egypt.
Book review of a book which was published in 1988! The book is focused on the role of the Copts in Egyptian politics in the period 1900 - 1952 and especially the role of the Coptic politician Makram Ebeid (1889-1961) in that period. The author of the book, Dr. Mustafa el-Fiqi, was advisor of...
Were the applications of our Islamic civilization free from negative elements, from differentiation between majorities and minorities? Treason of Christians in the time of the Mongols led to the destruction of their houses by Muslims.
The Azhar played a significant role in the struggle of our nation against imperialistic campaigns. Now some 100.000 books of the Azhar library are put on the internet. More then 40.000 historical documents and references will follow.
Vizirs and artisans, skilled craftsmen of states and cities, Egypt’s Armenians have ensured their community’s survival - and kept its history alive.
Fortunately, all Egyptians are celebrating these days. The month of Ramadan, Christmas for Copts, Catholic and Protestant. Copts and Muslims are congratulating each other for their religious occasions.


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