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The article discusses the passing of Father Antonious Henein, highlighting his achievements in his personal life and the contributions he made to furthering the Coptic Orthodox Church, both in Egypt, and in North America.
The author talks about a conference on the ‘Laymen’s Vision of Church Problems.’
Some intellectuals comment on Christians’ political activities.
The author comments on the Muslim Brotherhood’s control over the political and social life in Egypt.
Islam is a moderate religion that rejects discrimination and restrictions.
Many Christians are calling for an amendment to the regulations concerning the election of the Coptic Orthodox pope.
Karam Jabr asserts the importance of limiting mosques’ role to worship and supports the recent law banning demonstrations from being held in mosques.
The Knesset Christian Allies Caucus members met with Evangelical Christians from around the world to discuss securing the existence of the Jewish state and ways to face up to the "Islamic threat.”
An overview of the life of Cardinal Franz Konig, the Cardinal Archbishop of Vienna and one of the principal architects of the Second Vatican Council
‘Abd al-‘Azīz Khidr writes about depicting and criticizing religious characters in films and TV series.


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