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A symposium entitled, ‘How can I live as a Copt?’ held in Shubra, discussed the role of Copts and the importance of their effective contribution to society.
In an interview with al-Dustour, Egyptian preacher, ‘Amr Khālid, unveils an initiative to instill moral values and ethics into young people in the Arab and Muslim worlds.
‘Abd al- Rahīm ‘Alī traces the history of the emergency law in Egypt. He also examines the terrorist attacks that rocked Egypt from 1981 through 1990, arguing that the emergency law failed to defeat terrorism.
The state and overseas Copts should work together to enhance the situation of Copts and to solve their problems.
‘Ulā Muṣṭafá ‘Āmir writes about the statement issued by the Islamic Research Academy about al-Jamā‘ah al-Ahmadīyah.
Since democracy was, and still is, missing in the Muslim Brotherhood, men of the second line of the Brotherhood hierarchy fought over the position of supreme guide, who holds all powers. The article briefly sheds light on conflicts over the position.
The article is an interview with Ibrahim Fahmy Helal, who led the Coptic Nation group that appeared at the time of Pope Yousab. He speaks about the attempt of the group to kidnap the pope and force him to abdicate papacy and why they took such an initiative in the first place
The author continues to comment on how applying Western secularism and modernism could be harmful to Islam, as it has corrupted Christian religion and ethics in Europe. He makes it clear that those who support Western modernism are not entitled to dictate the Islamic nation a new religion discourse...
The author continues publishing the response he received from Talat Gad Allah, which in its turn was written in response to an article by the author. Gad Allah explained that there is a big difference between persecution and political marginalization, which bans practices of political rights and...
The article is a response to a letter sent to the author by Talaat Gad Allah, a Coptic writer and a member of the Wafd Party, in which he commented on an article by the author titled “Abdel Nasser and the persecution of Copts”. The author provides information to prove his opinion that the 1952...


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