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The discussion at the press conference of the New York Council of Churches on June 28 [transcript presented in last week’s RNSAW] was mainly with members of the American Coptic Union. Before the press conference Drs. Cornelis Hulsman interviewed Rafique Iscander, chairman and founder of the...
Since 1948, Al-Azhar has produced a series of fatwas in which Al-Azhar scholars confirm the fact that Al-Azhar refuses normalization with Israel in all its shapes and means.
Helwan, a suburb of Cairo, is a clear example of the good relations between Egypt’s Muslims and Christians. At the present time, Helwan’s Christian religious figures are well respected by both Muslims and Christians.
One of Egypt’s most prominent and respected social activists.
The author is highly critical of this Coptic human rights activist.
The only remedy is honest, responsible and indigenous dialogue.
The article describes the career of V. Windfuhr, correspondent of Der Spiegel in Egypt. He says Egypt is moving from a totalitarian regime to political pluralism.
The opinions of the late Sheikh Mitwali Al-Sha’arawi and Father Matta Al-Meskin summarize to a large extent the features of the personality of Pope Shenouda.
The strong do not remain silent, and the patriotic do not veil their witnesses and words of truth. In a time of crisis the talk about such types of people reveal like a precious metal. Father Matta Al-Meskin is one of them.
The Zionists conspire to weaken Egypt. That contained a plan to incite strife between Muslims and Christians.


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