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The publishing department of the American University in Cairo, AUC Press, has chosen ‘Coptic Christians and Muslims in Egypt: Two Communities, One Nation’ as their book of the month this June. The authors are Fikrī Andrāwus and Alison Orr-Andrawes, and the book was published in May.
Following a Facebook post, published by a group called ‘Anā Min al-Ḍāhir’ (I am from the district al- Ḍāhir), announced that an agreement was met with the Jewish community in Egypt to tour 3 Jewish synagogues in Cairo and visit the premises from the inside. 
Last April, Egypt celebrated the anniversary of the most prestigious Sunni Mosque in the world. Built during the Fatimid era, Jawhar al- Ṣiqillī (the Sicilian) ordered the construction of the mosque which was then inaugurated in 971 AD.
The author points out that the Tulunid Dynasty, established by Ahmad Ibn Tulun [Tulūn] in 868 AD, can be regarded as the actual start of the history of Islamic Egypt. Ibn Tulun, who was sent to Egypt as a resident governor, defied the weak authority of the Abbasid Caliphate at the time and broke...
TV show “Lasaʿāt” hosted Dr. Rev Augustine (Ughasṭīnyūs) Maurice, pastor of the The Holy Family Church in al-Zaytūn to present his book A Historical View of the Coptic Catholic Community in Egypt (rū’ya tārīkhiyya li-ṭā’ifat al-aqbāṭ al-kāthūlīk fī miṣr).
Dr. Mustafa al-Fiqi, Director of Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA), and Shihāb al-Dīn Ādam Shah, the charge d’affaires of Malaysia to Egypt, will inaugurate the exhibition “Faith and Power, Women in Islam” on Saturday, June 3, at 9:00p.m. at Bayt al-Sinnārī in Sayyida Zaynab. The exhibition is a joint...
For the first time ever, a book discusses about the contributions of Christians to Arab culture. Why does the government ignore the Coptic age and the Christian contributions to the development of the culture?
CIDT’s Jayson Casper reports on a panel discussion held at the JaffaCenter entitled The Fatimid State: Protecting the Holy Places of Mecca and Jerusalem”.
The Religious Liberty Group of the World Evangelical Alliance has written a report on the escalation of Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt. Hulsman quotes from the report and adds his own comments.
A renovation project at a mosque in Luxor has uncovered evidence of a Coptic church and rare pharaonic inscriptions from the reign of Ramses II.


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