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Tal‘at Jād Allāh highlights the position of women in the Egyptian political life, arguing that in Egyptian man-dominated society, women are deprived of many of their citizenship rights.
Despite a court ruling five years ago canceling the annual Jewish celebration at the tomb of Rabbi Abu Hasīra in the Delta city of Damanhour, al-Bihīra Governorate, the Egyptian government has allowed over 1000 Jewish personalities, to hold their annual festival.
The author comments on an article on a website, said to have links with the Muslim Brotherhood, which branded the opening ceremony of the African Cup of Nations as a return to the pharaohs’ paganism.
The decision of the muftī of the republic, Dr. ‘Alī Jum‘a to allow the controversial Wahabi Islam: From Revival and Reform to Global Jihad, by Natana J. De Long-Bas into Egypt has provoked dispute among members of the Islamic Research Academy, who had previously announced their disapproval of the...
Ikrām Lam‘ī says there is no doubt that cultural dialogue with foreigners has become an indispensable option.
Sayyid writes on the statements of participants in a meeting organized by Goethe Institute, the German cultural center in Cairo, who underlined the need to enhance values of tolerance as a basis for an understanding and peaceful coexistence that rests on mutual respect and justice.
The Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization stressed a pressing need for intercultural dialogue so that each and every party may offer its concepts and images about each other. It noted that before the West criticized the Arabs for their political, economic or cultural...
Interfaith dialogues should be to help the people better understand other people’s religions. They should not be established to discuss dogmatic beliefs.
Through stressing that sectarian sedition in Egypt is an affair that has to be solved by the Egyptians themselves, including an increased involvement of Egypt’s Copts, the author of the article addresses his message to all Egyptians.
Verbal skirmishes took place between the Copts and Dr. Jamāl Nassār, the media advisor of the Muslim Brotherhood murshid [guide], after Nassār objected to canceling the religious identity from official papers.


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