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Fathī Mahmoud discusses the sectarian fitna in Iraq, stating that in an attempt to ensure such violence does not spread to Lebanon’s Sunni and Shi’ite communities, the Islamic authorities there have called for unity.
Sabian Mandaeans have survived hundred years of harassment, and live on river banks because their rites are related to running water.
Muhammad al-Shāfiʿī mentions a number of definitions of ‘extremism’ from different perspectives.
The author reviews some of the habits of the Shi’ites, and differences between their beliefs and those of Sunni Muslims’. He says that history shows the Iranians have ruined Shi’ism, and could make matters even worse in Iraq.
Kamel Al-Zohary, former head of the Journalists Syndicate, said that he was not disturbed because of an American media attack on Egyptian media. All nationalists from all trends should not be disturbed too. He added that the Egyptian press is very well observed by MEMRI which is a very strong...
The writer interviews Pope Shenouda and discusses controversial issues concerning the situation of Palestine, Iraq and its Transitional Ruling Council, and Arab communities in America.
The article discusses the roots of the concept of holy war in Islam, Christianity and Judaism.
The policy of boycotting Western products led to a commercial use of Islam. Iran could be considered the first country to professionally pursue what is called the “Islamization” of Western products.
British church officials have announced an initiative to issue an apology to Muslims for the Iraq war waged by the US-led alliance arguing that the West has committed a ‘litany’ of mistakes in Iraq.
A prominent official from a prestigious Soufī group in Iraq has accused both Americans and armed fundamentalist groups of targeting Soufīs. He claims that the interior ministry has ‘misinformed’ the Americans concerning alleged relations between ousted President Saddām Husayn and Soufīs.


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