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A prominent official from a prestigious Soufī group in Iraq has accused both Americans and armed fundamentalist groups of targeting Soufīs. He claims that the interior ministry has ‘misinformed’ the Americans concerning alleged relations between ousted President Saddām Husayn and Soufīs.
The outstanding Norwegian journalist and author Asne Seierstad wrote her very personal and compelling report when she survived amid the current chaos of Iraq. The volume is entitled A Hundred and One Days: A Baghdad Journal.
Extremist groups like al-Qā‘da are dedicated to violence and use Islam as a cover. However, Islam has nothing to do with those killers that assassinated Egyptian Ambassador in Iraq, خhāb al-Sharīf. Their treatment of their victims reflects a non-Islamic spirit. They wouldn’t have done that if...
Egypt was right when it called for collective action against terrorism under the umbrella of an international conference. Egypt was victimized by terrorism and was looking for the collective good when it launched that call. But it was responded to with negligence and selfishness, until terrorism...
In the light of the sad London blasts, one is sad for the British losses, as well as the Muslim losses. Whenever wise people promote the good core of Islam, unwise people destroy what was done.
The assassination of Ambassador Īhāb al-Sharīf was followed by strange announcements assuring that the Egyptian presence in Iraq was to support the Arab representation in Baghdad. Thus the assassination will not divert the Egyptian attention away from its quest.
Thus there is no religious backing for the abduction or the killing of Egyptian Ambassador خhāb al-Sharīf in Baghdad. He was not responsible for the Iraqi misfortunes or occupation, and he did not kill a single Iraqi. Thus revenge here is groundless.
Sāmir, a 15-year-old Christian Iraqi, was kidnapped and blindfolded by a group of veiled persons, then led to a dark place, forced to eat raw rice and beaten by a whip so that his screams are recorded on tape to send for his folks and blackmail the
An Iraqi newspaper reports about so-called humanitarian organizations doing missionary work in northern Iraq. It claims the CIA and Mossad are funding these activities and names the Peace Corps as one such organization.
This press review tackles the Sunni-Shiite clashes in Iraq, the Egyptian initiative forwarded by top Sunni Muslim scholars in Egypt to bring an end to the violence, and the exchanged assaults on the shrines of both sides.


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