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The article is an interview with the Sheikh of the Azhar about the fatwa of Sheikh Al-Esh which incriminated dealing with the Iraqi Transitional Ruling Council. He said that he canceled the fatwa because no Egyptian sheikh, including himself, has the right to give a fatwa about Iraq. He stressed...
The article discusses the roots of the concept of holy war in Islam, Christianity and Judaism.
The writer gives a brief overview of a book titled “Al-Gafar” about the truth of the expected mahdi. He believes that the establishment of Muslim self-power is more important than waiting for a person who will come at the end of the age…Judgment day.
The article discusses whether religious discourse and religious thinking in general have been affected by the attacks of September 11 and by the war in Iraq.
The head of the Protestant Community Council in Egypt warns Evangelical churches in Iraq against the dangers of certain groups working in Iraq under the cloak of religious activities while having ulterior motives.
The Jezira channel broadcasted a videotape in which Ayman Al-Zawahri, the second most important man in the Al-Qa´ida network, calls for attacking US, UK, Australian and Norwegian embassies and assets because of their war on Iraq.
The author comments on the beliefs of the Shiites of Iraq and the effect of these beliefs on their political tendencies.
The article is an interview with one of the leaders of the Unified Islamic Front that includes Sunni and Shiite leaders. He speaks about the relations between Sunnis and Shiites and the activities of the front.
The author comments on the opinions expressed by Dr. Yohanna Qulta, concerning the reasons behind the war on Iraq, which he expressed in an interview with the magazine.
The bishops and patriarchs of Iraq asked the head of the Security Council to make the Iraqi constitution include articles that guarantee Christians their religious, cultural, social and political rights.


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