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The Turkish ambassador to Egypt speaks about Islamic dialogue, particularly in relation to the current Iraq crisis, and the need for dialogue between the Islamic world and the West.
The author writes on the bloody conflict in Iraq between Sunnis and Shi’ites and shows the attempts of Islamic religious leaders to build communication between followers of different Islamic madhahib.
Fathī Mahmoud discusses the sectarian fitna in Iraq, stating that in an attempt to ensure such violence does not spread to Lebanon’s Sunni and Shi’ite communities, the Islamic authorities there have called for unity.
Al-Rikābī responds to Tony Blair’s suggestion that the war on Iraq is God’s will. The author rejects the idea of using religion to launch wars, considering it to be hypocrisy.
Sabian Mandaeans have survived hundred years of harassment, and live on river banks because their rites are related to running water.
Muhammad al-Shāfiʿī mentions a number of definitions of ‘extremism’ from different perspectives.
The author reviews some of the habits of the Shi’ites, and differences between their beliefs and those of Sunni Muslims’. He says that history shows the Iranians have ruined Shi’ism, and could make matters even worse in Iraq.
Last Christmas Eve, Bashir Toma Elias was shot dead in the center of Basra´s market while he was on his way back home to celebrate Christmas with his five children. Elias´ murder revived Christians´ fear of the growth of religious fanaticism in Southern Iraq, which is inhabited by a...
[Al-Ahrar almost certainly took the news from Islam Online. See http://islam-online.net/English/News/2003-12/27/article03.shtml. See this site also for links on this subject] Shrouded in secrecy and under the guise of humanitarian aid, American missionaries, mainly evangelicals, are pouring into...
The British paper Daily Telegraph reported that American missionary groups are working secretly to save Iraqis by converting them to Christianity before the American occupation of Iraq ends officially in June 2004. The paper added that groups belonging to the fundamentalist Christian movement in...


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