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The article discusses a study made by prominent American historian Brian Mark Rigg in which he emphasized that 150,000 Jews were fighting with the Nazis. [a Reuters story on the same story can be found on http://www.rense.com/general43/jewserved.htm]
The Manar satellite and ground channel of Hizbullah has not paid attention to the American objection to airing the TV series Al-Shatat [The Diaspora]. The spokesman of the State Department stated that his country strongly rejects any anti-Semitic works and brands as unacceptable any program that...
The article criticizes the Arab ‘addiction´ to the conspiracy theory. The author believes that the theory of the conspiracy against Islam gains grounds at the time the Israeli-American alliance tightens its grip on the Arab world. It would be wrong to apply the conspiracy theory in this...
The author continues to discuss what he believes is an American attack on Islam which started with the disaster of September 11. He discusses the notion of Western modernity, that is seperation between religion and state. He writes that Gamal Eddin Al-Afghani disclosed its reality 125 ago
The article discusses the lawsuit which Dr. Nabil Helmi, professor of international law and Dean of the Law School at Zaqazaq University, will file against all the Jews of the world because of the gold they stole from Egypt before their exodus.
The author comments on the reasons behind closing the Zayed Center for Coordination and Follow up. The center was accused of anti-Semitism.
Dr. Ahmed Abu Al-Nour, author of “The Most Dangerous Years of the Earth,” published in 1999, gives his point of view on how Egypt can get back the gold which the Jews stole during the exodus.
A Jewish association called “Prophet Daniel,” based in France, asked the Egyptian government to give it permission to excavate Jewish antiquities in Egypt. The author believes that such a request is a new attempt on the part of the Jews to fool around Egyptian antiquities after the failure of their...
The author comments on the issue of the alleged Jewish possessions in the Arab world. He believes that Jews have no right to ask for these possessions simply because Israel does not have the necessary documents and Jews who emigrated from Arab countries sold their possessions.
The article reports the attacks waged by a former Israeli ambassador in a seminar held at the Ibn Khaldoun Center.


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