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A report published by United Civilians for Peace (U.C.P.), an organization active in the development field, revealed that many Dutch companies invest in Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories, especially in the West Bank.
The author deals with the issue of dialogue among civilizations and suggestions to strengthen interfaith coexistence, stressing that all parties to a dialogue have to reject generalized judgments, which, he said, pose the gravest threat to this process.
Kāmil Zuhayrī writes about Roger Garaudy [Editor: a French writer and Muslim convert], his books and ideas about dialogue.
Bishop Bula of Tantā asserted in a national unity meeting held in Mār Mina monastery that Maximus is an American-made priest. He indicated that Maximus’ split was a step taken by the United States to infiltrate the church, because it considers the later an obstacle to normalization between Egypt...
The Knesset Christian Allies Caucus members met with Evangelical Christians from around the world to discuss securing the existence of the Jewish state and ways to face up to the "Islamic threat.”
The author discusses Western hostility against Islam.
‘Abd Allāh Kamāl spots the danger threatening Egypt and other Sunnī countries heading towards converting to Shī‘ah.
Christian Zionism uses Christianity to serve Israeli interests.
The author of the article slams the 2006 International Religious Freedom Report, released by the U.S. Department of State, for allegedly interfering in Egypt’s internal affairs and criticizing Pope Shenouda III for banning Copts’ travel to Jerusalem.
Max Michel announced last Wednesday, at the inauguration of his monthly cultural forum, that he had decided to add, in addition to the mass, a prayer for Muslims.


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